Playdate Cruise Talent Show 2018

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Talent Show Info

Theater stages will be sent out the week of camp. *First night!*

However this year the Talent show for Playdate will be changed up a bit.

There will not be cash prizes nor awards, this is simply going to be a showcase for your talents.

Please note time is an issue this year as we have a small window of time, so please keep your performances within a reasonable timeframe.

Stages (You will need to rez these ahead of the stage show and give Miss Latte your rights to edit them into place.) This is to help combat lag and help you get your stage set up within the time constraints.

Acceptable Acts:
Pretty much anything you can come up with! I will send out a notecard and leave a mailbox out where you can leave your act, the song if you need music for it, and finally.

So how can I get all the Talent Show items and what all is available:
Talent show stage
Notecard to fill out for your show
mailbox to leave your information

I will have all these items rezzed out at the stage area, and we’ll also be online all week! Thank you for your time!

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