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If you are reading thisĀ  you are looking for info on the 2018 Mystery Hunt!

This is our first Mystery Hunt and we are excited to share it with you.

You must find all of the steps of the quest to complete it and you cannot move to the next step of the quest until you have completed the previous step.

In local it will tell you the story of the step you have done, give you a small hint for the next, and tell you that you completed the step.

( if it does not say anything then you have not completed one or more of the previous steps.)

At the end of the quest the silhouettes will all be revealed and there will be a prize room button. The prize room button will take you to the room where you can get your prize!

( You must be on the same sim you finished the quest – Pacific Cove for the TP to the prize room to work)

Once in the room you will press the key button to receive your prize.

If you have not completed all of the step the prize key will not show up. Please finish the quest to unlock the key button.

(Staff will not be giving out hints or Landmarks to steps as hints have been placed in the story. )






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